LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Former Bullitt County Sheriff Dave Greenwell has already been indicted in federal court, but now he's facing a new lawsuit.

At the last Fiscal Court meeting on Nov. 21, Bullitt County magistrates unanimously approved the plan to sue Greenwell. They said the lawsuit is still in the works for debt to the state under his leadership, adding that it's not fair for taxpayers to pay for it.

So instead, they want Greenwell to pay the debt that totals more than $638,000.

"There's so many problems with politicians now, and I think they need to be made accountable and not have the taxpayer pay for everything," said Pat Higgins, who lives in Bullitt County.

In December 2015, Greenwell threatened to have deputies stop policing Bullitt County because of that debt, though he was eventually able to get his budget increased.

The Bullitt County chief financial officer said the county has been in an agreement with the state since March of 2016 to make 34 payments of $14,000 a month. The payments would end in December of 2018 with one large payment. The county said it has already paid about $252,000 back to the state.

On top of all that, Greenwell may be running for sheriff again. Below is what he posted on Facebook on Friday afternoon:

"I had a great day today. I stopped by the courthouse to pick up my paperwork to run for the office of sheriff again. 
After all I've been put thrue by several elected officials I'm sure many of my friends will think lm nuts. 
Part of me wanted to run and the common sense side of me said to try to live my life in peace, stay out of politics. 
I knew if I ever did try to run the county judge all the magistrates and county attourney plus a couple other judges would try to destroy what's left of my life. 
Well the word got out I was running and I really wasn't so sure enough that bunch of self serving politicians are suing me for over 600000,00 dollars. 
Now I have nothing to loose. With contracts on my life from friends of some of the politicians in this county. No money no help just the desire to make our county a better place. That's all I had the first two times that I won the race. 
My platform will be the same as it always has been.

God, family and country I've lived 
My life for all three and will continue to do the same. 
Jesus knows !"

Several people are supporting Greenwell, but others aren't so sure. 

"That's a joke. I don't think he should be allowed to." said Bonnie Jacobs, who lives in Bullitt County. "He would never get any votes with all the trouble he has caused."

The Bullitt County Clerk confirms Greenwell picked up paperwork to run for sheriff but said he has not turned it in. The deadline is Jan. 30.
The clerk said four Republicans and one Democrat have also filed to run for sheriff.

"We're just going to have to see if he will be able to pay it back or if he's even willing to pay it back," Higgins said.

Greenwell's federal case is pending. He's expected back in court next month.

The next Fiscal Court meeting is at 6 p.m. Tuesday. Greenwell has not returned our messages for comment.

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