LEBANON JUNCTION, Ky. (WDRB) -- Recovery is hard, sometimes so hard that people struggling with an addiction turn to getting buzzed off alcohol in soaps and hand sanitizers.

But the Bullitt Opioid Addiction Team, or BOAT, created toiletries that are safe for recovery. 

On Monday night, BOAT was invited to Lebanon Junction to talk about combating the heroin epidemic, where the group debuted its all natural, alcohol-free products to help during detox and recovery.

“What would happen is a lot of times they would melt the hand sanitizer down and drink it," said Jennifer Punkin-Stepp with BOAT. "So that’s why now a lot of institutions will not allow items like that inside."

The soaps and bath bombs are also supposed to help with withdrawals.

“They have Himalayan salt and Epsom salt to help with aches and pains to help with the detox system,” Stepp said.

 BOAT also stuck to its original mission of saving lives and educated Lebanon Junction on overdose rescue training.

“I don't care what town you’re in, where you go or what," Mayor Larry Dangerfield said. "It's touched every family in the country."

Everyone from Dangerfield to city council members, firefighters and police officers learned how to reverse the effects of an overdose. They also received a BOAT first aid kit. It includes narcan, which reverses an overdose, gloves and a CPR mask.

“You want to use that because you don't want to swap slobber with people, and a lot of times, when people are overdosing, they're throwing up and stuff,” Stepp said.

Stepp has dealt with addiction in her own family. From the rescue kits to the toiletries, she’s using her own experiences to try and help others.

To purchase one of these bags or be trained on a rescue kit, click here.

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