I was shocked at last week’s news that Matt Lauer had become the most recent public figure to lose his job over claims of sexual harassment. But more troubling was a comment I later overheard from a man who said, “I guess none of us are safe anymore.”

That’s nonsense.

Vice-President Pence has a policy of never eating alone with a woman who’s not his wife, and avoiding events featuring alcohol without her by his side. Well, that may work for him, but if we all adopted that policy it would actually HURT women by restricting their access and denying them any role in sensitive, confidential business matters.

Still, it’s this simple: If you don’t treat female co-workers or subordinates in an abusive manner, I think you ARE pretty safe from being accused. Most women have plenty of LEGITIMATE grievances in this area without having to fabricate stories about anyone.

There’s no witch hunt going on. Women are simply refusing to stay silent any longer when they’ve been victimized, and men can no longer count on fear to keep them silent.

That’s good by me. Keeping our hands to ourselves and treating women as equal human beings is the least they should expect from us. And if you can’t do that, then you probably SHOULDN’T feel “safe” anymore.

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I’m Bill Lamb and that’s my Point of View.

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