LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Two suspects are behind bars, accusing of stealing from a business along an interstate in Bullitt County.

Hillview Police arrested Wayne Ferguson and Buffie Swann on Monday afternoon. Police say they parked their SUV on I-65 North, near the Bullitt / Jefferson County line.

Investigators said Ferguson jumped the fence and stole four rims and tires and a battery from Blue Lick Truck & Van Parts, which backs up to the interstate.

An employee got a tip call that someone was stealing from their business. Employee Donnie Decker then got in his car and went to the scene and took video, which is included with this story, and said Ferguson walked back-and-forth through a hole in the fence to steal the items then brought them to the SUV where Swann was inside

Decker said most thefts there happen at night, but this one happened in the day. He just said he had never caught them in the act.

In his video, Decker said he saw Ferguson, "taking wheels through the fence and loading up his vehicle."

Hillview Police said the tires, rims and battery are worth just over $600.

Decker said Swann mostly stayed in the SUV.

"She got out of the vehicle one time and walked around the vehicle," he said. "She didn't touch anything. She went back in the vehicle. She was pretty much the driver of the vehicle."

Employees think Ferguson took the tires off the vehicle the night before so he could get in and out quick.

The Bullitt County Sheriff's Office says Ferguson at first tried to give them his brother's name, but a tattoo on his arm showed his real name is "Wayne." Police said Swann didn't have an ID and first told investigators her name is Tina Ferguson, who is Ferguson's ex-wife. Police said he was charged with violating an EPO but added that that charge will be dropped because his real ex-wife was never there.

"That totally blows my mind," Decker said. "I wouldn't use someone else name's for sure. I think they were just trying to get out of it."

Investigators also found a syringe and spoon with suspected meth in Swann's purse. Police said Swann will now face an identity theft charge.

Swann is charged with meth possession and receipt of stolen property. 

Ferguson is charged with possession of a controlled substance, receipt of stolen property and criminal trespassing.

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