By Tanae Howard
FOX 59

HENDRICKS COUNTY, Ind. (FOX 59) -- A new device is giving heart patients new hope. It's a cardiac monitor that connects to your smart phone or tablet.

It's called the Confirm RX. It's about the size of a paper clip, but the device has a huge impact. It's the world's first insertable cardiac monitor that pairs with Bluetooth technology.

"It's a loop recorder that can be implanted for a year or up to two years even, and it has the Bluetooth capability to where the patient isn't confined to be within so many feet of the monitoring device," said Donna Haggard, director of the Hendricks Regional Health Cardiac Cath Lab.

Prior to the development of Confirm RX, patients experiencing cardio arrhythmia or an abnormal heart rate were required to be at home and in close proximity with a monitoring device. If they experienced an increased heart rate or dizzy spells outside of their home, the data wasn't recorded. That made it difficult for doctors to get a clear picture of the symptoms in real time. Thanks to the new technology, if a patient has an episode, the data goes from their chest to a smart device and to the doctor.

Patients are able to get on their phone and answer questions regardless of their location at the time, and the information is transmitted to a doctor.

The team at the Hendricks Regional Health Cath lab inserted the first device in Indiana. It was an out-patient procedure that only took 15 minutes.

"He's able to take the loop recorder device that's in a carrier, and then he injects that underneath the skin. He removes the carrier back out, and then he's able to close the little inch-size incision," said radiographer Marsha Helton.

Confirm RX is a last resort for patients who've tried everything but can't get to the bottom of their heart problems. If patients don't have a smart device, the hospital will provide them with an iPod.

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