LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Louisville Metro Government said Tuesday it has started the process of looking at alternative locations for Louisville Metro Police's impound lot.

The current impound lot is located at 1478 Frankfort Ave. in the Butchertown neighborhood. The lot holds about 1,800 vehicles at full capacity.

The lot currently borders the Butchertown Greenway Trail and the main stem of the Beargrass Creek. Theresa Zawacki, Senior Policy Advisor to Louisville Forward, says the site is not the best place. “Historic site management practices, including parking cars on gravel surfaces, have contributed to environmental concerns about contaminated soil and runoff into the adjacent Beargrass Creek,” Zawacki said. “Part of the site is located within the 100-year floodplain. And it is additionally complicated by a high tension power line that crosses it, and its historic use as a landfill.”

City leaders will embark on a two-part process in January to gather ideas for other possible locations for the impound lot. Officials will first request information on properties that meet the city's requirements on size, location and physical elements.

The second part of the process will involve public meetings where city leaders share information about needs for the impound lot and receive feedback from the community on possible locations.

Community members will be able to share feedback online and in person.

Metro Government will consider ideas with a goal of selecting a new site for the impound lot by the middle of next year.

Louisville Metro Police plan to endorse the plan to move the lot, according to Assistant Chief Lt. Col. Robert Schroeder in a release. “Conditions and space limitations at this aging lot facility make providing top-notch service to the public a challenge,” Schroeder said. “We look forward to finding a new location for the lot that will hopefully make it more accessible to the public, better suited to the volume of cars we deal with, and a more pleasant place for our employees to work.”

The site chosen for the new lot will require at least 15 acres of flat land, with the majority of the space being paved for parking towed vehicles. The space will also need 24-hour controlled access and a small building for Louisville Metro Police staff to use for service and administration purposes.

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