WEST BUECHEL, Ky. (WDRB) -- A West Buechel city councilwoman resigned following a WDRB investigation into whether she actually lived in the city she represented. 

Kentucky law stipulates that elected officials must "reside" in the city they serve. When questions arose about Ruth Jane Mosely's place of residence, she was quick to deny any impropriety.

"I am not doing anything illegal," she told WDRB in a Nov. 14 interview. 

Mosely sold her home in West Buechel in April and bought a home in Taylorsville, which is about 30 miles away. She kept her seat on the West Buechel council, claiming she spent many nights on her same old West Buechel block staying with relatives and friends. Mosely said she even had a "family home" located across the street from the one she sold that was willed to her and her siblings by her grandmother. 

In November, when asked by WDRB how many nights a week she spent in Taylorsville, Mosely flip-flopped answers. First she said, "Once every three weeks." But in an interview 90 minutes after a city council meeting, she replied, "Maybe two nights a week."

Mosely's claims of residing in West Buechel became even harder to believe for some fellow council members after she changed her voter registration and driver's license to her new Taylorsville address.

"She's let down our neighbors and our voters," said councilman Loy Crawford

It turns out that Mosley's one-sentence resignation letter was turned in last month on the same day the WDRB report aired, Nov. 16. Kentucky Attorney General Andy Beshear just released it Tuesday. 

"I'm well pleased, and I believe it should of happened, well, long ago," Crawford said. 

Mosely collected the $350-a-month salary for serving on the West Buechel council along with the dental and vision insurance funded by taxpayers seven months after she sold her West Buechel home.  

"All things in the city of West Buechel will be resolved sooner or later," said West Buechel resident Randy Mullins, adding that Mosely's resignation gives hope to a scandal-weary community.

West Buechel is the subject of ongoing investigations by the Kentucky Attorney General's office and the FBI.

Among other reasons, $120,000 was stolen from the city's bank account, and the town has also been slammed by two state audits for bad bookkeeping.

The remaining five council members must appoint a replacement for Mosely within 30 days. She had one year left on her fourth term in office.

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