CHARLESTOWN, Ind. (WDRB) -- It's Christmas time in Charlestown, and though the lights are up and the families are out, Clark Nickles knows all about the dangers on southern Indiana roads.

"I had a car run into the back of one of my dump trucks," Nickles said. "It was a young lady and she was texting."

He's using his experiences to spread a different type of holiday message along busy Indiana 62, "Santa says ... don't text and drive."

"That's really not something you would expect from a holiday sign like that," said Hannah Carpenter, who lives in southern Indiana.

Old Saint Nick is pictured sporting a thumbs up in the middle of a scene that looks like it's straight out of Clark Griswold's playbook. It looks like a lighted Christmas tree was just plowed over by an old Chevy.

Nickles owns an excavating business and is also a collector. Set up was no problem for him.

"We brought the tree up here with the crane, got the car, leaned it over, and here we are," Clark said. "It might just catch somebody's thought, and they won't text and drive."

The unorthodox display is very much the talk of Charlestown right now, and the local are eager to praise the creator. 

"I think it's good, especially for the younger people who like to play on their phones a lot," Carpenter said. "It kind of keeps them aware, you know, be careful of what you're doing."

Nickles said he's always felt that the people of Charlestown are family, and he looks out for family. So he hopes the display will become a holiday tradition.

"I hope we get to do it next year," he said.

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