LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Online shopping is well underway for the Christmas season, but delivery problems associated with the holidays actually started months ago.

Ann Bricca used to deliver for Amazon through the contracted company, Jars TD, and while on late-night runs, she had the same fear of many homeowners: a delivery driver mistaken as a burglar. 

"We had four people shot in the west end this late summer, and the next day I was delivering in the west end on a Saturday and I was out til 10:30 at night trying to deliver these packages," Bricca said.

"I have a spotlight, and these houses are deep, deep back, and you can't see, and there's dogs, and I'm like come on: It's the west end. We're all going to get killed out here."

And one time, she almost was. Bricca said it was dark, and she was driving an unmarked, white truck.

"I was delivering to his neighbor, but he thought I was stealing the package," she said. "And he was threatening to shoot me. He had a gun, and was threatening to shoot me."

Those situations and the late hours soon became something she didn't sign up for. 

"It's not four 10-hour days," she said. "It's 14-16 hour days."

Not to mention that lunch, bathroom breaks or even traffic delays were not factored in to their drive times, according to Bricca. That's why she decided to leave right before the holiday rush. 

"It's just going to get worse," Bricca said. "I'm thinking, 'Well, how much worse can it get? I'm working 80 hours. I'm getting home at midnight every night and coming back here at 8:30 in the morning. How can it get worse?' And there was just no answers to it."

Because she said her safety and sanity are far more important than a job. 

"Something is going to happen," Bricca said. "And is that when they're finally going to do something? When one of us gets killed?"

Amazon says only in rare circumstance should deliveries be made past 9 p.m., adding that it will be addressing the issue with the contract company. 

We also reached out to JARS TD and have not heard back. 

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