NEW ALBANY, Ind. (WDRB) -- Homeless by 11 and relying on the kindness of strangers, art was the one constant in Jamie Homeister's life and now, her passion is paying off.

"I grew up in a home with a lot of addiction, a lot of abuse. It was my way of kind of expressing some of that inner stuff," Homeister said.

One day, she was given feathers by a taxidermy business that she used as a canvas. "They said, 'just try it. Give it a whirl' and it called to me."

She quickly saw success with her detailed animal paintings. "It was just something that nobody had seen, you know. I think that's what made it interesting, is just something that wasn't done."

Websites around the world and Disney Magazine Malaysia featured her work. They're big achievements that make her reflect back on humble beginnings.

"The one that nobody thought much of to blossomed in something that was very authentic and organic for me."

Her work eventually took a toll. Neck problems led to some loss of hand movement. It was time to switch it up. She began psychic art readings, or Chakragraphs. "It just opened up a whole new world for me and one that's far more gratifying, I think."

She said she can feel people's energy and paints it with a coordinating color. "Because I was in that survival state for so many years of my life, from childhood through all the way to teens, in my 20s, I got really, really perceptive and I was able to really read people," Homeister said. "I was having very strong dreams and I was getting very strong impressions about people and things would come true."

Colors tell the story of where clients like Lewis Tucker is, where he's been and where he's going. "I just think she's amazing," Tucker said.

"What makes Chakragraphs so great is that they're so fluid and the movements of the paints, it's so organic so it creates the story. All i do is, I tell it," Homeister said.

This time, her work is catching on with Hollywood actors and potential congressmen who visit on East Market Street in New Albany.

"It kind of opens up their eyes like maybe there's something more than what we're seeing in the every day."

She said she tries to limit her psychic abilities within these walls. However, if you let her un-muddy the water with her brush, your own colors might appear a little brighter.

"I think sometimes we get lost in the maze, you know?"

Homeister said after all, it's your world. She's just painting in it.  

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