LOUISVILLE, Ky (WDRB) -- A proposal to pass a tax reform bill is now on the table and could be passed in a matter of days.

Sunday, a group opposing that bill gathered in downtown Louisville to do what they can to try and make sure the bill does not become a reality.

More than 100 people stood at the steps of Metro Hall chanting “Not One Penny,” a slogan to make sure no money goes towards the wealthy or corporations.

“We’ve had enough and if Senator McConnell and Senator Rand Paul won’t listen to us in their offices then we are going to take to the streets and make sure they hear us,” said Chris Rowzee of the group Indivisible Kentucky, which helped organize the rally. “We’re either going to make our voices heard here or we are going to make our voices heard at the ballot box.”

Congressman John Yarmuth spoke at the top of the steps to the crowd, saying Republicans are too divided to get the bill passed.

“I think all the people out here today understand that but basically this is just to keep the momentum up and make sure the people are calling their representatives and senators and saying ‘this is a bad deal for the American people,’" Yarmuth said.

The bill wouldn’t have any effect on 2017 taxes, but both the senate and the house have to agree on one bill before it heads to the president for a signature.

“We are going to make sure we have all the energy out there to try and beat it when it comes back to the floor,” Yarmuth added.

Members of Indivisible Kentucky even created and held up a fake check for $275 billion dollars – something they say is a representation of the money Americans will be paying if the bill becomes a reality.

Also on the steps of Metro Hall, a large inflatable Trump chicken.

“The senators are chicken. They are chicken of President Trump. They’re afraid to stand up to him in so many different ways,” Rowzee said.

But not everyone at Sunday’s rally opposed the new tax bill.

“A lot of people have voted for change that Trump will bring, so I am hoping that we’ll get the change we voted for,” said David Bartsch, who held his own sign in favor of the tax proposal.

Republicans are going to conference on the House and Senate bills this week and try to reconcile differences.

A vote is planned on a unified bill during the week of Dec. 18.

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