LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Louisville Orchestra conductor Teddy Abrams took his show on the road to Norton Audubon Hospital Monday. 

The free concert was part of the Orchestra's "Music Plays Back" program designed to take its music out to the community.

Norton Healthcare already has a music therapy program to help patients heal, and this played well with the program. 

Jenny Branson, music therapy supervisor for Norton Healthcare, says Norton works with several musicians through its visiting artists program. 

"Some of those are volunteer musicians, and some of those are paid musicians that come to us through the Kentucky Center Arts and Healing program. So we were really excited when Teddy asked if he could come and perform in our space.

Branson says the music has therapeutic benefits. 

"There are a lot of benefits from music therapy for patients in a hospital environment. Some of the main benefits are to decrease pain and anxiety but also to just to bring something normal and familiar into the environment. Some of our patients have a really long length of stay, so it's important for them to do some things that are normal just to help them have a stronger sense of self."

The "Music Plays Back" program started in 2015.

Abrams and other Louisville Orchestra musicians have put on more than 30 performances at different locations this year.

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