There are two reasons a Kentucky Governor should call a special legislative session to deal with a specific issue. The first is that it’s of extraordinary importance to the Commonwealth’s citizens, and the second is that it’s so important it can’t wait until the next regularly scheduled session.

For most of this year, Governor Matt Bevin has been promising to call a special session to fix Kentucky’s underfunded pension plan, and given the scope of that problem, I think it qualifies as important enough.

But it’s mid-December. And since the next regular session is set to convene in Frankfort on January 2, it seems that the need for urgency has pretty much passed.

It’s clear that many of Bevin’s Republican allies in the legislature agree. They correctly point out that, at this late date, there’s little to be gained by rushing to fix a problem they plan to address in less than three weeks anyway. And the fact that each day of any special session costs Kentucky’s taxpayers approximately $65,000 each day should also make Bevin think twice about being too cavalier with taxpayer’s money.

We do need a pension fix. But if they can’t come up with one in the sixty days of a regular session, I can’t imagine what might come out of a rushed special session.

But call and tell us what you think.

I’m Bill Lamb and that’s my Point of View.

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