LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- The 79-year-old man accused of shooting a police officer in the head Tuesday night was assigned a $1 million bond when he appeared in Clark County Circuit court Wednesday afternoon.

Oscar Kays is charged with the attempted murder of a police officer, battery and resisting arrest. He walked into the courtroom shackled at the wrist and feet.

"Whose got $1 million ... I ain't got no money," Kays said to the judge after learning he'd need the full amount in cash to get out of jail. 

On Wednesday, Indiana State Police released a picture of Trooper Morgenn Evans' injury. It shows a knot on his forehead and a dry blood stain where police say the bullet hit and grazed over Evans head. 

"This is a man who tried to kill a state trooper, and he has absolutely no business being out on the street," Clark County Prosecutor Jeremy Mull said.

ISP Sgt. Jerry Goodin said detectives tried to get a motive or reasoning for Kays actions.

"His guardian angel was definitely definitely with him," Goodin said. "(Kays) basically replied saying he didn't want go to jail. He said he didn't think it was wrong -- just wanted to drink a couple beers and he just did not want to go to jail."

It was a drunk driving arrest that turned into a shootout and then a manhunt.

Police said Evans spotted Kays driving on the wrong side of the road around 7 p.m. Tuesday near Park and Jefferson Streets in Jeffersonville. They said Kays failed a field sobriety test and was being taken in for a certified breath test, and as Evans pulled out his handcuffs, Kays pulled out a handgun.

"It was total chaos," Goodin said. "I'm just going to be honest with you."

Evans fired back even after being shot. Bullets pierced Kays' truck, but he still got away, sparking a massive manhunt including ISP, the Jeffersonville Police Department and Clark County Sheriff's Department deputies.

The chaos startled neighbors of Kays, who lived on Huston Drive.

"It is a shocker -- it really is," said Amanda Robinson, who lives nearby.

Kays was eventually found and arrested at home.

"He's also been so nice and so friendly," Robinson said. "He's always been out waiving at me and taking his dogs for walks, and I couldn't imagine anything going on at his house ... It kind of really made me nervous, and when we watched the SWAT team come up, it got even scarier."

Kays has no known criminal history, and when asked what happened by reporters after Wednesday's hearing, this was his only response:

"Well, I think [INAUDIBLE] crossed the line," Kays said.

At the time of this writing, Kays does not face any drunk driving charges. Prosecutors said they're waiting on blood tests to confirm whether he was actually intoxicated.

Evans has been released from the hospital and is at home recovering.

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