FLOYDS KNOBS, Ind. (WDRB) -- Brian and Dylan Groves of Floyds Knobs are bringing the holiday spirit to life. 

From the beginning of December to the day an elf's work ends, the father and son put on a show for all in southern Indiana.

"We just decided to share some Christmas joy with the neighborhood, friends and family," Brian Groves said. "We got a lot of traffic pull in the driveway, take pictures, slow down at the end of the driveway."

Their huge Christmas display changes daily. 

One day, their 6-foot-tall elf who ditched the shelf, is slaying a huge preying Mantis. The next, he's picking up the dog's you know what in the front yard without raising much of a stink.

Anything the southern Indiana duo can come up with is created. The hard holiday work is also much appreciated.

"We get some messages from some neighbors saying that our kids really love it and that they have to make special trips every night just to come down and see what the elf is up to," Brian Groves said.

Dylan Groves certainly doesn't mind the attention either.

"I was one of the most popular kids on the bus," he said.

The huge elf is made out of wood, pillows and a lot of spray paint.

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