It looks as if the Republicans will get their tax plan through Congress this week. They are saying it’s simpler, and will reduce taxes for everyone, including the middle class. They’re also saying that the much-needed corporate tax reductions will make American business more competitive and will create jobs.

Democrats are universally decrying the tax plan. They say it is only good for the rich, and that the middle class will suffer. Those who lean Republican are tending to support it. Those who lean Democrat are protesting and carrying signs and actively demonstrating.

The problem with all this is fairly simple. Very few people outside of the beltway have done any real research on the 500-page bill. They are passionately supporting it, or loudly condemning it because they are blindly following the party lines. How can you support or protest without having any real knowledge of your own? Are we now to make all our decisions and develop all our beliefs strictly along party lines without educating ourselves?

If you’ve diligently sought information from varying media sources about the new tax plan, and you’re in favor of it, great. I’ll listen. If you’ve done all that and hate it -- again, I’ll listen. But please don’t give me your opinion if you’re just parroting someone of your same party in Washington.

Call us with your informed thoughts -- or your thoughts on uninformed thoughts.

I’m Bill Lamb, and that’s my Point of View.

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