Christmas is hard for Linda Boatman since her daughter Korinna passed away this time last year. She was only 20.

"The last year has been excruciatingly painful," she said. "She was a beautiful, young, kind woman who struggled with the disease of addiction. Last year, her life was taken by someone selling her fentanyl instead of her drug of choice."

Linda said family and friends helped carry her through the year of grief.

"I wanted to be able to give them something special, not only to honor Korinna's name and memory, but to show them how much I've appreciated them," she said.

Personalized gifts, ordered online, were delivered to Boatman's St. Matthews doorstep, but someone stole the box.

"I said whoever opened this package and took it is gonna feel like a real jerk when they realize what it was," she said.

Earlier this week, about a mile away, the thief left evidence. A couple who owns an apartment building off Breckenridge Lane found several trashed boxes on the property this week. One was ripped open with mementos left inside, and Boatman's address was still posted on the box.

"My neighbor texted me from upstairs and said there's a gentleman here, and he's got a package of yours that was stolen, and he wants to return it to you," she said.

Now with the gifts wrapped under the tree, it's a reminder that Christmas miracles really do exist. 

"I feel like God and an angel put them in the right hands and made it back to me," Boatman said.

We reached out to the man who returned the box. He said he didn't want any credit and hopes anyone would do the same thing.

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