LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) – Time is growing short for Brian Bowen, at least as far as college basketball is concerned. While the University of Louisville has granted him a full release, allowing other schools to begin the process of recruiting and potentially applying for his eligibility for the next semester, he has had no takers yet.

Bowen, as a result, took to national television, granting Jeff Goodman of ESPN an interview from the gymnasium at St. Stephen Church in Louisville, looking to tell his story and, hopefully, garner some support in his effort to play at least one semester of college hoops.

His attorney, Jason Stetchen, has begun a “freebrianbowen Twitter hashtag, but says that the interest in Bowen from schools has been "tepid at best."

Bowen told ESPN that he knew nothing of an alleged arrangement between his father, agent Christian Dawkins and an executive at adidas to funnel the Bowen family $100,000 in exchange for him attending Louisville and signing with Dawkins upon entering the NBA. Those allegations are the basis for an FBI investigation and subsequent federal indictments – though neither Bowen, nor his father, has been accused of any crime.

“I didn’t know anything, anything at all,” Bowen told Goodman. “The same way the whole media found out is the same way I found out. . . . I was just, I mean, I really didn’t believe it. I still didn’t believe it. To this day I really didn’t believe it.”

Goodman asked Bowen if his dad had offered any explanation, or what has been said between the two. Bowen said he hadn’t pressed his father, “Because I know that I don’t want to know anything. Whatever has happened, I don’t want to know anything about it. Whatever has happened, I just want to see all the outcomes and everything. I let him know that I’m very upset, as far as, you know, not being able to play and everything. But as far as the investigation and everything and all, I don’t even want to talk about it at all. I just brush that past.”

Bowen’s thoughts on Dawkins weren’t nearly as forgiving.

“I’ve seen all the reports about him and everything, and if the allegations are truly true, I’m really mad,” Bowen said. “I can’t say what I want to say. I’m really mad at him for putting me in this position, pretty much, if they say all that, there’s nothing I can say. I’m just so mad, there’s nothing else to say.”

Goodman asked Bowen about the process that led him to Louisville, and Bowen said it was simple. He said he'd told Arizona coach Sean Miller that he was coming to Tucson if either NBA draft hopeful for the Wildcats elected to leave school early, but both returned. He told Goodman that former Louisville assistant Wyking Jones had recruited him when he was younger, and that when Arizona's spots closed up, Louisville got back involved.

"No one pressured me to go to Louisville or any other school," Bowen told Goodman. "I made the ultimate decision. . . . I feel like I'm a victim of greedy adults."

As Goodman spoke with OTL host Bob Ley from the Louisville gym, Bowen shot baskets in the background. Now he’ll wait and see if taking his shot on ESPN will garner him any takers among NCAA basketball programs.

Most are skittish, wary of the baggage Bowen carries as a result of the allegations. Stay tuned.

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