I've said this before, but it bears repeating:

One of humanity's biggest problems is the tendency for people to hear what they THINK someone has said instead of what was actually said, based on their own sensitivities or preconceptions. I can't tell you how many times the response to an editorial I've done will be almost equally divided between people who insist it proves I'm a heartless, greedy conservative and those who are absolutely sure it brands me as a weak-kneed, bleeding heart liberal.

I've often suspected that even an editorial consisting of a single word could cause a battle of ideologies to break out. 

I could come out here and say simply "guns," and the response would be deafening -- both from people accusing me of being a pawn of the NRA and those mocking me for wanting to take away their right to self-defense.

Likewise, I could simply say "abortion," and there'd be an outpouring of wails from people calling me a baby killer and others outraged over trying to take control of women's bodies away from them.

In these days of instant information from every direction, it's more important than ever that we truly LISTEN to what's being said instead of always bracing for a fight.

So, in that spirit, I offer you this simple, but heartfelt, THREE word editorial:

Peace on Earth.

I'm Bill Lamb, and may that be EVERYONE's Point of View.

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