There's a new way athletes around the world are relieving muscle pain and it's made right here in Louisville.

Kyle Bowling, owner of Kentucky Sports Chiropractic in the Highlands, created the CTM Band.

Six months ago, he used his kid's toys to make his first prototype, and he recently put it on the market for sale. 

“It was a rubber band that you use to wrap around the muscle for compression and then I found some bouncy balls they weren't using to attach to the band,” Bowling said.

The final product replaced the bouncy balls with golf balls sliced in half.

Athletes wrap the band around where they’re feeling pain. The golf balls face inwards and they keep the band tight for two minutes while they stretch.

“It’s to help warm your muscles up pre-run or pre-workout to stimulate some blood flow to get the muscles loose and ready for repetitive motion,” Bowling said.

According to Bowling, foam rollers or stick rollers have had a long run with runners, but this is more efficient.

“You need a combination of compression, tension and movement into the area, so seeing the other tools that are available, most of them only have two of the three components,” he said.

Local runners use it and some professional athletes are backing it too.

Bowling said several U of L athletes, and two NFL teams, the Oakland Raiders and Baltimore Ravens are using the band.

"As well as division one programs George Washington University and Western Michigan University," he said. 

“My marathon running days are probably over, but I still run four days a week and I still want to be able to do that well into my 70s and 80s,” Shannon Frey, a runner who uses the CTM Band, said. 

For a link to the CTM Band website, click here. 

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