LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) --  A woman who said on Facebook last month that Haymarket Whiskey Bar owner Matthew Landan served her a drink laced with drugs has filed a counter-lawsuit defending her statement as truthful and accusing Landan of assault and wanton endangerment, among other claims.

The counter-lawsuit was filed Friday in response to Landan’s Nov. 29 lawsuit accusing the woman, another woman and two former Haymarket bar employees of defamation.

It all stems from a widely circulated Nov. 13 post saying, “MATTHEW LANDAN IS A RAPIST” and including Landan’s picture.

The woman who filed the counter-lawsuit on Friday commented on the Nov. 13 post by saying Landan drugged her drink and that she woke up vomiting and could taste the pills she believes Landan added to the beverage.

"(S)he believes Landan, without her consent, added drugs to an alcoholic beverage he served her when she was underage," the woman’s attorney wrote in the counter-lawsuit.

Michele Henry, the woman’s attorney, also said in court papers that Landan’s goal in filing the Nov. 29 lawsuit was not to protect his rights but instead “to intimidate other victims from sharing their experiences with Landan, prevent further allegations against him, prevent (the woman) from sharing her experience with Landan, and prevent lawful protest against his alleged actions.”

Claims made in lawsuits represent only one side of the case. Landan has called the woman’s claim about his drugging of her drink “false and malicious” in court papers.

The bar, nationally known for its selection of whiskeys, closed for about two weeks in the wake of the Nov. 13 Facebook post.


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