The Christmas shopping rush is over, the gifts under the tree are opened, and now, retailers are seeing a rush of a different kind.

Ryan King, owner of Quest Outdoors in St. Matthews, said the day after Christmas is the store's busiest day of the year for returns and exchanges.

According to the National Retail Federation, nearly two-thirds of shoppers made at least one return last season, and that's something King said won’t make him a Grinch. Returns and exchanges can actually be good for shoppers, and they’re not always bad for business.

“It's kind of a great time, because a lot of the stuff people are looking for but couldn't get comes back,” King said. “A lot of people are just sitting here waiting and say, 'Maybe it came back.' And maybe it did. You try to make [returning items] as easy on people as possible.”

He said if it's easy, people are more likely to come back.

Down the street at Ken Combs Running Store, customers aren’t quite as fast to run in for a return. The rush is more spread out.

“We'll do quite a few of them today, but it will be spread over the next week or two,” owner Larry Holt said. “If they see how easy it goes and how well we do with it, then perhaps they 'll think highly enough of us to buy in the future from us.”

Holt said the hardest part of his job is just getting customers in the door. If he can do that, even if it's to make a return, people are more likely to buy something else then or in the future.

“Generally, [the return policy] is 30 days and bring it back in the condition we sold it to you,” Holt said. “If it's 60 or 90 days, we don't put up a fight about that.”

That study from the National Retail Federation says more than half of people who have a hard time making a return would hesitate to go back to that store.

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