LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- The attorney for the man accused of stealing an ambulance from Clark Memorial Hospital on Christmas Day said Wednesday his client suffers from a mental disability. 

Joseph Prest, 28, was arrested Dec. 25 after Jeffersonville Police say an off-duty officer spotted the stolen ambulance in Sellersburg. There was a short chase before Prest stopped the ambulance near Voyles Road in Washington County and surrendered. 

Prest's attorney, Larry Wilder, said  Prest is a veteran who was honorably discharged after eight years in the Coast Guard. Wilder said Prest suffers from PTSD and had just left the hospital after a mental evaluation before the ambulance was stolen. 

"In fact, Joe had been there at Clark Memorial Hospital as a result of having been taken to have an evaluation," Wilder said. "We're in a strange world, because adults that are not being committed with a court order can leave, and he had been there for a period of time and had the ability to make a choice to leave. 

"And he left and didn't have a way to Henryville. And at that point in his thought process, that vehicle is there with keys in it and running."

Wilder said they are working to figure out if Prest was capable of understanding his actions when he took the ambulance.

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