LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- The daughter of a woman found safe following a Golden Alert issued a heartfelt thanks to Louisville Metro Police. 

Barbara Wolford went missing on Christmas Eve along with her little dog Gizmo. The alert said the 64-year-old had last been seen in Valley Station and that she may have a memory or mental impairment. 

Wolford's daughter Amy Givan said she discovered her mom was missing. She had stopped by Wolford's home Sunday to visit and bring her a plate of food. But the door was unlocked, and the dog that usually greets everyone was nowhere to be found. 

“Their private stuff was in a bundle, like ready to go, almost like somebody lured her out to go in there," Givan said. "We’re not really sure, because nothing is adding up right now."

Givan immediately called 911, and that's when LMPD Third Division Officer Jonathan Herring and Missing Persons Unit Det. Mike Lauder started organizing the search.

On Tuesday, LMPD notified the public that Wolford and Gizmo had been found. Body camera video posted on LMPD's social media accounts showed Wolford being wrapped in a blanket in a wooded area. Officers quickly got her inside to get warm and notified the family.

Givan said she is thankful to police and everyone on social media who showed concern for her missing mother who had to be rescued from the cold.

"I was very grateful, and I am still am very grateful, because you only have one mother," she said. 

Givan said she cannot believe her mother was able to survive in such a difficult environment.

“It snowed that night. The ground was soft in some spots," she said. "I barely made it, and I’m 37-years-old. She was carrying a little dog the whole time.”

Givan is very appreciative of Louisville's finest who tracked her mother down.

"We don't give the police enough credit for the things that they do, and I think everyone should take time to sit back and think who keeps them safe every night," she said. 'Who is standing out there sacrificing time with their family?"

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