LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Finding that perfect exercise routine may help create a "New You in the New Year."

WDRB's Keith Kaiser joined the instructors at Club Pilates on Shelbyville Road to learn about their specialized workout.

Pilates (pronounced puh-lah-teez) is similar to yoga but emphasizes your body's core - the abdomen, obliques, lower back, inner and outer thigh, butt, and so on.

For this reason, Pilates develops strength, flexibility, muscular endurance, coordination, balance, and good posture. It has a much lower chance of injury than with other forms of exercise.

Exercisers use reformers, specialized exercise machines designed to improve strength, flexibility, posture and balance. The discipline emphasizes correct form instead of going for the burn.

A powerful muscle is a flexible muscle; an elongated muscle.

Most people don't realize how much leg power comes from 1) a strong core, and 2) strong and flexible hips and ankles. On the flip side, people don't realize how taxing it is on your knees, ankles & the ligaments around them, when your hips and ankles are tight and weak. A strong core supports your entire body.

When your core is weak, you compensate by over using your spine and back muscles.

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