LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Homicide detectives are investigating after a woman was found dead on Strawberry Lane earlier this week.

LMPD officers and paramedics were called to Bessler Auto Parts on Wednesday morning for a report of a person down in a car. That person has since been identified as 27-year-old Teressa McCoy.

Bessler's manager was walking into work Wednesday morning when he noticed a newer, black SUV parked by itself in the parking lot.

"I walked up, and I looked in, and there was a woman on the passenger side, bent over," Steve Morris said. "So I looked in the glass, and I didn't see no breathing. I knocked on the glass and no movement. So that's when I called the police."

Morris said he couldn't see any blood or wounds when he looked into the car. He also said no one working at Bessler recognized the vehicle.

Officers arrived just after 8 a.m. According to a statement from LMPD, it appeared McCoy sustained a gunshot wound.

"Knowing she got shot makes it even worse," Morris said.

Workers at Bessler said LMPD towed the SUV on Wednesday. One worker said the McCoy's body was frozen, and she still had her seat belt on when the SUV was towed.

Morris said LMPD detectives came back on Thursday and were searching near the railroad tracks across the street from Bessler Auto Parts.

Morris said everyone at Bessler feels terrible for McCoy's family, losing a loved one during the holidays. He said he wished there was something they could've done, but it was too late when they found her.

"I hope everything is going to be OK," Morris said about the family. "But I don't know. I hope they catch the guy that done it. That's the main thing."

There is surveillance video of when the SUV arrived in the parking lot. Morris said the business closed at 5 p.m. Tuesday, and the SUV arrived sometime after that and then remained there overnight. Morris said detectives have reviewed the video.

"I don't think they could see much, because it was dark," he said. "I think they seen somebody get out, but other than that I don't know what they saw."

LMPD said there are no suspects yet and detectives have not made any arrests.

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