LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) – Monnik Beer Company, a local brewery, will ask a judge Tuesday to dismiss a subpoena that would require a Monnik representative to identify an employee who accused Haymarket Whiskey Bar owner Matthew Landan of rape.

Attorney Andrew Horne, who is representing, Landan is seeking to identify the woman as part of a lawsuit against her and others.

Horne is seeking testimony from a Monnik representative on Jan. 4 about the woman who claimed on Facebook that Landan raped her. Horne believes she was using an alias in the Facebook posting, according to court records.

An attorney for Monnik, Kevin Monsour, will ask Jefferson Circuit Court Judge Audra Eckerle to dismiss the subpoena and issue a protective order prohibiting Horne and Landan from attempting to obtain “overly broad” information about the alleged victim and her employer. 

Haymarket is a competing business and it would cause Monnik “irreparable harm” to turn over “proprietary and confidential business records to a direct competitor,” according to the motion for a protective order.

Horne has said the woman's identity is necessary to include her in the lawsuit. Included in his deposition notice are pictures of the woman he and Landan believe is the accuser.

Monsour argues it would be “unreasonable for Monnik as an organization to identify people pictured” in the photographs. And the subpoena is requesting the woman’s address, phone number and other information Monnik argues is private and confidential.

Landan has filed a lawsuit against the woman, identified as “Jane Doe 1” in the suit, and other unknown “Jane Does” and “John Does” who accused him of rape and sexual assault on Facebook.

The woman posted a picture of Landan on Facebook on Nov. 13, saying, "Matthew Landan is a rapist" and accused him of raping her. 

Horne is also seeking testimony from someone at the brewery who will identify the woman and provide details of a “beer brew collaboration” scheduled for Nov. 13 with Haymarket, according to court documents.

In addition, Horne has subpoenaed the brewery for any information of a business relationship between Monnik and Haymarket and details of discussions between employees of the two businesses regarding the woman's allegations against Landan.

The motion to dismiss argues these requests are overly broad and burdensome. And Monnik is not in possession of discussions between the brewery or any employers regarding the alleged victim, according to the motion to dismiss.

“Monnik does not monitor conversations between its employees, and is unaware of any such conversations,” Monsour wrote.

Landan’s lawsuit claims “Jane Doe 1” made false claims that other women were contacting her that they had been raped too. The lawsuit says that after the Facebook post, several other people made false claims about Landan.

The lawsuit also names two former Haymarket employees, Eric Snider and Christopher Maggio, as the two men who staged a walk out of employees shortly after the allegations surfaced. The employees are accused of defamation for telling the media about the walkout and saying there had been similar sexual assault claims against Landan.

Landan claims that after the walk out occurred Snider and Maggio "attempted a low ball purchase offer" for the bar. 

The former employees have filed a counterclaim denying this, arguing Landan asked them to make an offer to purchase the bar. 

The former employees say the woman's Nov. 13 Facebook post was shared more than 776 times and had 71 comments, “the vast majority of which were supportive.”

Snider and Maggio deny they said any statements that “would cast” Landan in a “false light.”

In addition, the employees say the bar was closed at the instruction of Landan and only reopened the day he filed the lawsuit, Nov. 29.

As part of their claim, the former employees argue Landan is trying to “silence any and all public discourse regarding the accusations against him for criminal sexual misconduct.”

And Landan is trying to send a message that a refusal to conduct business with him in response to the allegations “will result in litigation,” according to the counterclaim,

The counterclaim is seeking unspecified monetary damages, dismissal of the original lawsuit and a jury trial.

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