Although the New Year’s resolution crowd is making a run for the treadmill, this week might not be the busiest week of the year for some local gyms.

Kelly Tabor, the Assistant General Manager at Louisville Athletic Club in Jeffersontown, said this week is only the beginning. On Jan. 1, LAC registered more than twice the number of people it would on a normal day.

“The real rush comes mid-January,” Tabor said. “My theory is I think some people try to wait until the next pay check after Christmas time.”

The front desk might register up to five times the normal number in a day in the middle of January.

“Also, I think people are shopping around for gyms,” Tabor said.

And there isn’t a shortage of gyms to choose from in Louisville. Erick Coleman used New Year’s resolutions as a hook to open his new gym, ProFit, on South Brook Street behind Walgreens.

“We're not selling fitness," he said. "We're selling a new lifestyle for you.

“It was not a coincidence. It was a business strategy."

He originally planned to open later in the New Year, but instead decided to open Jan. 1.

“If we open in February, we are going to miss everything, basically, because everyone is already signed up for 'new year, new me,'" Coleman said.

There's a weight room, personal training and long list of classes like Zumba, yoga, hip hop cardio dance called Snatch and boxing, just to name a few.

And Coleman is hoping to keep the New Year’s resolutions going all year long. 

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