LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Local firefighters braved the bitter cold Wednesday morning for ice rescue training. 

Members of several departments came out to an ice rescue training session on the pond at the Standard Country Club off Brownsboro Road. The teams were getting out on the ice to learn how to use special suits and equipment that can safe lives in an emergency.

"Seconds really do matter," said Kent Kruer, deputy chief of the Harrods Creek Fire Department. "When you go into these freezing water temperatures, you only have a few seconds to react to that, and then hypothermia will quickly begin to set in."

Fire officials say it's hard to tell if ice is think enough to hold your weight safely. Even if ice is thick in one section of a pond or lake, it can be dangerously thin in another.

Their best advice to stay safe is to stay off the ice. 

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