LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Crystal Wedding Gown has been in business in St. Matthew's since May 2016, but it closed Monday without warning to any of its customers, leaving at least 10 soon-to-be brides with extra stress ahead of their big days.

On of those brides, Angela Drexler, who plans to walk down the aisle in her perfect dress in March 2018. But her perfect dress came from Crystal Wedding Gown, and since the store's abrupt closing, Drexler has learned she most likely will not get the dress she was measured for in October. 

She has already paid the full amount for it and expected to get in the next couple of months. She said it truly was her perfect dress. 

"My whole venue was around this dress," she said. 

Drexler said she is completely stressed now and does not know what she will do to find a dress. She said she found out when a former employee contacted her and told her.

"My heart dropped, panic. I'm in a panic now," she said. "I have no dress, and I have three-and-a-half months to find one and alterations. It's horrible."

The store's owner, Bryan Bailey, held a clearance sale in December, and as of Monday, Jan. 1, whatever was left in the store was packed up. All that is left in the store is garbage on the floor. 

A former employee said Bailey struggled financially for months, and prior to the store's closing, no one worked for him other than his wife.

Another bride, Amber Gravil, is getting married in June. She said she found out the store closed from her recently engaged sister who planned to visit Crystal Wedding Gown for the clearance sale. Gravil said her sister showed up to the store for her appointment, and it was pitch black. 

"It's heartbreaking, because I knew it was my dress, and I was so excited about it," Gravil said. "But now it's just frustrating, because I just want to get my money back and move on and find my actual perfect dress."

Gravil said the business seemed like it was operating as normal in early December when she received an email confirming her measurements appointment. However, in November she noticed a red flag for the business when she found an ad selling the store on Craigslist.

"So I messaged him and said, 'Do I need to go ahead and do the fitting for my dress so I can get it?' And he said, 'No you're fine. I'm selling the business, but it'll take six to nine months, then when I do, it'll still run just the same,'" she said.

Unfortunately, Gravil is now worried she will never receive the dress she picked out.

Both brides said that although they are upset, they will not let it affect the day they walk down the aisle. However, they either want their dress in hand or their money back in their pockets.

The Bridal Suite of Louisville said they will offer a discount on new dresses to brides who bring in their receipt from the Crystal Wedding Gown.

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