UTICA, Ind. (WDRB) -- Curtis Wells takes a lot of pride in the small Indiana town he's called home for 12 years. 

"It's a good community," he said. Everybody knows everybody."

But that also explains his frustration with the continued closure of Old Salem Road in Utica.

"It's a road to nowhere," Well said. "It's a waste of taxpayer money at this point. The road needs to be open."

And Town Board President Steve Long is just as annoyed as those he represents.

"The blacktop is as clean as your driveway at a brand new house. It's ready to go," explained Town Board President, Steve Long.

"It's a road to nowhere," Long said. It's a waste of tax payer money at this point. The road needs to be open.

"We cannot get an answer on why it's not open. We've got businesses wanting to come in. We've got a potential hotel coming. Do you think anybody would want to come to Utica if you can't get a blacktop road open a mile? No."

The Clark County attorney said the reason the road isn't open is legal issues looming through an imminent domain case. A written agreement obtained by WDRB News states concrete work must be done before the road opens. The problem is frigid temps make that work impossible.

"We want to open this thing as soon as possible, but the work has to be complete," County Engineer Brian Dixon said.

The explanation isn't good enough for Wells. He said he's simply waited far too long.

"I'll tell you what's going to have to happen maybe," he said. "I've got a tractor, and I've got some bodies, and I'll move the barricades. They won't move them, I will."

Dixon isn't putting a timeline on when the concrete work could be complete. 

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