LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Target stores recently applied for package liquor licenses, and now four Louisville stores are selling alcohol.

The Bashford Manor, Springhurst, Middletown and Okolona stores have stocked a wide array of items, including Target's own brand of wine called California Roots, which sells for $5.

Kentucky State law says you can't sell wine and liquor at stores that sell a "substantial" amount of groceries, which is why you'll find separate liquor stores for grocery chains. State regulations say only stores that sell under 10 percent in groceries can sell wine and liquor.

Harlow says, "It makes it much more accessible," said Paige Harlow, who was shopping at Target on Wednesday. "I lived in Chicago before moving back to Kentucky, and you could buy all your wine and spirits in the grocery store."

Target employees say wine sales have been stronger than beer sales. Champagne is selling well too, especially around Christmas and New Year's Eve.

The company says its prices are competitive, as there's an additional five percent discount with Target credit cards. It's also working on selling more local beer and wine. 

"Anytime I can come and pick up something I don't have to make an extra stop for is helpful," Harlow said. "We like wine, so I'm excited."

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