LA GRANGE Ky. (WDRB) -- The La Grange City Council on Wednesday approved the second reading of a proposed salary increase of $42,520 for the mayor.

The mayor's pay will jump from $12,080 to $55,000, and although city council members had mixed thoughts about the raise, the measure passed 4-3.

"Where's the money going to come from to pay for all this?" asked La Grange resident Mary Ann Smith. "It's a problem for me as a taxpayer."

Since July 2008, the mayor's salary was set at $12,480 per year. 

"That's a heck of a raise," councilwoman Jean Knight said. "I think it's too much ... way too much,"

Councilwoman Shannon Whitaker will run for mayor in this year's upcoming election. Before she voted for the pay increase, Whitaker said she was interested before the ordinance was on the table. 

"My decision to run for mayor is not based on this," she said. "I'm in whether it passes or not."

Under the new salary, the mayor will not be eligible for benefits.

"What we're paying the mayor is laughable compared to most cities in this Commonwealth," councilman Jason Taylor said.

"The pay moving forward needs to reflect the serious of the position and the demands of the position," added councilwoman Ann Zimlich.

All council members agreed that $12,000 isn't enough compensation, but some thought the raise was too high.

"I am not against a raise," said councilwoman Stephanie Chalfant. "But I am against a raise to $55,000."

This does not affect the current mayor's salary. The new rate will not take effect until Jan. 1, 2019.

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