Kentucky's 2018 legislative session is off and running, and given the problems facing our Commonwealth, our lawmakers have a lot to accomplish in just 60 work days.

Determining a budget during a time of ever-increasing expenses; revamping a sadly outdated and ineffectual tax system; and overhauling a state employee pension system that's nearly bankrupt -- any ONE of these tasks would constitute a full plate in any other year. But getting them ALL done -- responsibly and effectively -- will be a challenge bigger than most of our representatives have ever faced.

The next three months will NOT be a time for petty bickering and infighting, and that’s especially true when it comes to what many call the legislature's perennial "War on Louisville."

For too long now, representatives of the state's rural areas have been more than happy to use the revenues generated by its urban centers of Louisville, Lexington and Northern Kentucky to finance politically beneficial projects in their home districts. But when it comes to adequately funding and maintaining these economic engines that keep the state's economy afloat, too many of our "country cousins" have left us holding the bag.

Whatever good this legislative session hopes to accomplish simply won’t happen without MAJOR contributions from Kentucky's urban centers. And our lawmakers would do well to keep this in mind as they reshape the governmental landscape.

I'm Bill Lamb and that's my Point of View.

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