LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- An Indiana woman fought back when police say a man tried to steal her truck at a hospital.

Lorie Crouch, age 56, says she was helping her elderly mother out of the truck near Indianapolis when a man jumped into the driver's seat. She says she dove for the man, who threw the truck into reverse, hitting her mother who was in a wheelchair.

Crouch says that's when she got really angry.

"That was my stuff, and that was my mother he hit," she said. "And when I seen that, I just...I went right after him!"

Crouch grabbed at the wheel as the suspect tried to drive away, causing him to crash.

She suffered a broken foot and wrist and several scrapes, and her mother is expected to be fine.

Doctors say Crouch's grandson finished the job, holding the man until police arrived.

Kenneth Wentworth, age 27, is charged with robbery, leaving the scene of a crash, auto theft and battery.

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