LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- When you walk out the front door on a winter morning, it's easy to see who's starting the new day with you. 

The neighbor next door has his car running. So does the lady on the corner. 

"Keys are in it, ready to go," Calvin Kirk said.

The reason behind doing it is simple. 

"I guess I want to be freezing cold less," Danielle Jones said.

It's also risky, according to the Louisville Metro Police Department.

"We're creatures of comfort," LMPD Spokesperson Lamont Washington said. He continued, "It's uncomfortable to go get in your car when it's -2 outside, and your windows are covered with ice. But, it also sucks to walk out and your car not be there."

This certainly isn't groundbreaking news, but police said it's a reminder we all need. Cars have vanished from driveways before, and it will happen again.

"We live in the Highlands," Brandon Harris said. "People steal cars all the time."

Also, warming your car up in the driveway is actually against the law in Louisville, no matter how cold the temperature.

"There's a Metro Ordinance that says you can't leave your car running and unattended," Washington said. "The rules are there for a reason."

Harris has a solution to that law. He has one of those nifty remote starters on his key fob.

"Luckily with my remote start, you have to lock it first before you start it up," Harris said.

That provides a warm and secure car, without the the worry. Remote starters cost anywhere from $180- $300.

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