LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Gyms bank on your business and that Fitbit is ready to go. How about some motivation? A Louisville man who once tipped the scale at 400 pounds wants people to hear his story of perseverance.

Marc Poe is a part-time stand-up comic. "You can use your personality to mask your insecurities. When you're heavy, it's always the fat, funny guy," Poe said.

Little did his audience know what he was really feeling deep down. "As long as they're laughing with you, you don't think they're laughing at you."

At 39-years-old, he will never forget what getting laughed at is like. "Always getting picked on, 'you're fat,' the kids would run around and make fun of you."

His weight would be a battle all of his life. "I could only ride an elevator car by myself. People couldn't even get on with me sometimes."

Poe also works as the environmental services supervisor at Norton Hospital where health and wellness is what they do.

"I just knew if I didn't, I was going to die."

He lost 40 pounds with a colleague. "When you learn that it's fuel and not something you need to use to make yourself happy and that's a lot of what this program has taught me."

Now, he's lost 129 pounds through Norton Hospital's 12-week, medically supervised course.

"He did all the work. We were there just to help facilitate him. I'm very excited for him," says Dr. Kelley McIntyre, who specializes in Internal and Bariatric Medicine in Norton Hospital's Weight Management Services. 

"Dr. McIntyre, she's the greatest person in the world as far as my book," Poe said.

Dr. McIntyre said it's back to basics this new year: diet, exercise and keeping expectations realistic. "I see people coming off of blood pressure medication or insulin for their diabetes, and it's exciting." 

Poe said his comedy has changed. "I can't make fat jokes anymore," he said.

So has his entire life. "A lot more attention, when you're overweight, people tend to look past you. Even in work, I feel like it held me back from promotions and things, actually. Now, it's like, I'm living a life that I've always wanted to live, that I only dreamed I could live."

For information about Norton Hospital's Medical Weight Management program, call (502) 899-6500 or click here

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