Clarksville Police believe they've intercepted a potentially deadly shipment of drugs headed for the streets of Kentuckiana.

It is a designer drug used to make spice.

"I mean, they're Louisville residents and it was sent to Clarksville," Clarksville Police Detective Corporal Randy Thomas said.

Thomas said Clarksville Police, The United States Postal Inspectors Office, and U.S. Customs and Border Patrol worked together to block the potentially deadly batch of synthetic drugs from hitting the streets.

"We believe it was going to hit our community," he said.

Detectives arrested Qasim Salman and Aziz Khalaf, who they say had the drugs shipped from China to the Clarksville Mini Storage on Kopp Lane in December.

"The packages contained approximately a kilo of a synthetic drug 5F-ADB," Thomas said.

Police tell WDRB the substance is applied to a marijuana like plant to create spice. Spice is a powerful, unpredictable synthetic drug that turns users into zombies.

"They're not in the right mental state after smoking this," Thomas said.

Police believe this was a big enough shipment for the suspects to do a lot of damage on the streets.

"It is so concentrated that it could create thousands of pounds of the synthetic marijuana," Thomas said.

WDRB caught up with both suspects at a used car dealership on Berry Boulevard in south Louisville. Neither would go on camera, but Salman says it is a case of mistaken identity, and that he had two IDs when pulled over by police.

Detectives say the suspects are from Iraqi, and Salman is the leader and owns the dealership. At first, Salman appeared to be hiding from our camera, but they both eventually came out. Salman even took a picture of our crew, saying they will let the court decide.

Meanwhile, the images of spice users are disturbing to most of us, but police say there is more to the story and call the drug powerful, dangerous and deadly.

"We have seen people just literally fall out within just moments of smoking it," Thomas said.

Police say the suspects are facing similar charges in West Virginia.

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