LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) – Several residents who live at a downtown Louisville apartment building have been waking up to find their tires slashed.

It has been happening since Christmas Eve outside the Wessinger-Gaulbert Apartments near the intersection of Third Street and Broadway.

“It’s just very disturbing to think that people, you know, pay monthly parking fees there and you can’t even be in a situation that allows you to park with peace of mind,” said Ben Isaacs, who has lived in the building for a decade.

Riverside Parking is the company that manages the lot and nearly 100 others throughout downtown Louisville. 

A spokesperson for Riverside tells WDRB it has received reports of the incidents and are waiving the $45 monthly parking fee for residents and allowing them to park in other lots while the cases are investigated.

Notices have been posted in the apartment hallways alerting residents of the vandalism.

"I have parked over there before and had no issues, and I parked on the street and I’ve had no issues, so it is kind of strange that they are targeting just those cars,” said Jason Luckey, who moved into the building in November.  

Some residents have had their tires slashed at least four times, and building management believes the incidents are random and specific people are not being targeted.

There are no cameras on the lots but Riverside said it is looking into adding them.

Most of the vandalized cars were parked around the lot’s perimeter and none of them had windows broken or items taken.

"People have to pay hundreds of dollars for new tires and they are not able to get to work or get out and that’s not good," Luckey said.

Starting Monday night, Riverside Parking added a security guard to patrol the lot during overnight hours.

LMPD tells WDRB it is looking into the cases.

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