A new app is called Giddy developed at GE Appliances First Build in Louisville brings ideas from around the globe to one place.

“Giddy is an online co-creation community that connects businesses with people who are passionate about creating to be able to develop what's next for those industries,” said Larry Portaro, Managing Director of GE Appliances First Build.

A business or someone with a problem can enter that problem into the app. That's what Giddy calls a challenge.

For example, “a portable drink container that can hold a specific temperature,” Portaro said. “So if you think about it, there are mugs that can keep things hot or cold, but they don't activate the temperature and allow you to dial it in exactly.”

Anyone can scroll through the challenges and enter possible solutions to the problem. Then, users will vote on the best solution.

Get the most votes, and you can win cash prizes, which are up to $2,500.

“There are some napkin sketch challenges we've had on there just to get some very simple ideas out,” Portaro said. “All the way to how would you manufacture a product or what would your design approach be.”

The app serves two purposes: one for the business and one for the inventor.

“True outside-in thinking and answers to problems,” Portaro said. “Once a business understands not all the best ideas come from inside the four walls, Giddy can be a great avenue to get those types of solutions in. And for an individual, it can be a great way to get recognition for your talent.”

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