Time for a few more Darts and Laurels.

My first Laurel goes to the businesses who are working to breathe new life into the Barret Avenue corridor. Since the popular Lynn's Paradise Café closed years ago, most of the nearby businesses have suffered from the loss of foot traffic. And the more recent closing of the Monkey Wrench restaurant only made things worse.

But now, work is finally underway on transforming those two locations into two new restaurants which are both slated to open by April. All this new blood being injected into the area can only be good news for their neighboring merchants.

But a Dart goes to Kim Davis, who filed earlier this week to run for re-election as Rowan County Clerk. I'm sure you recall how she made Kentucky a national laughing stock back in 2015 when she defied the law in refusing her legal duty to grant a marriage license to a gay couple. Well now, she apparently wants four more years to indulge her personal seat-of-the-pants legal interpretations, but I believe the people of Rowan County could do much better.

And finally, a Laurel goes to Susan Elkington, recently named the first female president of Kentucky's Toyota plant. Despite all the recent bad news concerning sexual misconduct, there's still never been a better time of opportunity for women in American business, and I enthusiastically congratulate Ms. Elkington on her promotion.

I'm Bill Lamb and that's my Point of View.

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