LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- A local assisted living facility has not one, but two of Louisville's oldest residents.

However, take it from Thelma Kessinger and Catherine Keys: it's never too early or too late this new year to start living a healthy and happy life.

Catherine Keys is no speedster. "I just walk a lot," Keys said.

At her age, she's never been about the finish line. "One hundred three. That's hard to say."

See, her forte is distance. Woodrow Wilson was president, when Keys was born. Tupperware and television weren't even a thought, and if you had four wheels, you were doing alright.

"We didn't drive a car. We had a buggy. It was a long time ago."

Times were simpler back then for the wife and mother of three, and there are signs of that around her room at Parr's at Springhurst. "I've enjoyed life."

If you think 103 years is a long time, Thelma Kessinger, down the hall has her beat by a whole two years.

"She was just always happy with whatever God put in front of her," says Carrie Stein, Kessinger's great niece.

Stein said her great aunt represents family. "It was always fun to go to her house. We were just talking. She always had this candy dish with those little strawberry candies."

Keys is also getting up there. "I've been so fortunate to have her all these years. I'm 70 years old. That's not likely that people have their mother that's 103," says Susan Grant, Keys' daughter.

Time is no longer on her side.

"Look at the good and love that and I think that's definitely something I got from her. Have spunk and enjoy life and be kind. She's always been very kind to people," Stein said.

That's why, take it from them: don't move too fast. "Like a fever for life, live every moment of it 'til it's over and cherish those moments."

Note: Thelma Kessinger passed away Friday after WDRB News filmed this story.

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