LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Kentucky Transportation Cabinet crews were out Monday night keeping a close eye on residential areas, especially roads that run north and south.

For much of the day on Monday, crews hoped for a little bit of wind which can help blow the salt pellets around to coat a greater area of roadway. Crews were spraying salt pellets with liquid calcium chloride, which creates a combination to make the salt more effective down to zero degrees instead of the usual 23 degrees.

“If it gets really low -- like, below zero between midnight and 5 a.m. -- we possibly look at halting treatment if there is not any traffic, particularly on those low-volume roads," said KYTC Spokesperson Andrea Clifford. "If there is not any traffic to help work it in, it's not really being very effective."

Drivers out on the roads Monday night said even four-wheel drive vehicles don’t assure safety, and one man even loaded the back of his truck with concrete blocks to prevent fishtailing on the roads.

Those extremely low temperatures also create dangerous nights for Kentuckiana's homeless population. Several outreach ministries are made stops in downtown Louisville and southern Indiana. In a truck equipped with sleeping bags, coats, food and hot drinks, volunteers stopped at homeless camps across the area, the goal being to keep people alive.

"Whatever we can do, if we can get one into the shelter, we've done our part," said Paul Stensrud, Director of Jesus Cares at Exit 0. "But also if we can get them equipped properly, we've done our job as well."

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