CORYDON, Ind. (WDRB) -- Indiana's drug epidemic will goes under the Congressional spotlight on Wednesday. 

Harrison County prosecutor Otto Schalk will speak to a U.S. Senate committee. The hearing is called, "Unintended Consequences-- Medicaid and the Opioid Epidemic."

Schalk says many of the people he prosecutes for opioids are on Medicaid. He believes poverty has a strong connection to the nation's drug problem.

"When we have an individual that's struggling to keep the lights on, that's struggling to keep food in the refrigerator, and they're given a 90 count bottle of hydrocodone, and those are going to $15 a piece on the street," said Schalk.  

He adds, "What do we think they're going to do with those? It would be naive to think people are not going to see the street value of those."

Schalk says he hopes to show senators how the opioid epidemic is affecting rural communities.

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