JEFFERSONVILLE, Ind. (WDRB) -- "LIVE PD" on A&E provides an unfiltered look at law enforcement in action, but not everyone is happy with the results.

Several police agencies recently ended partnerships because of concerns the show makes their communities look bad. But that is not the case for the Jeffersonville Police Department.

From routine traffic stops to manhunts for dangerous suspects, "LIVE PD" gives viewers an unedited look at the men and women of police departments across the country. Paulette Kershner, a longtime Jeffersonville resident who said she watches "Live PD" religiously, said she likes seeing how officers respond to the people they police.

"There's a lot of 'em that don't get taken to jail, they just get help," Kershner said. "The officers try to tell them what's wrong, and after they talk to them, they let them go, and it's not all bad."

While departments in other cities have ended the partnership with "Live PD," Jeffersonville Police are happy with the results.

"It allows people a first look at what an officer goes through during his or her shift," Lt. Col. Michael McVoy said.

McVoy added that the department likes the transparency the show provides.

"It opens peoples' eyes to the daily life of an officer," he said.

The show added the Jeffersonville Police Department last April. It can be a dangerous job, so in addition to cameras, crews are required to suit up. There is also a slight delay in case something is too graphic for TV. McVoy said the show helps educate the public.

"We get so many times, 'I never knew you guys had to deal with that' and other things," he said.

Kershner has found the same response in chat rooms about the show.

"I've read where a lot of people have said, 'Oh, I had this opinion, but now after I have been watching it, I have a completely different opinion,'" she said.

Right now, "LIVE PD" is scheduled to be in Jeffersonville for at least another six months.

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