LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Louisville's highways and primary roads were in good shape by Wednesday morning, but JCPS still used a snow day.

That call is typically made after transportation officials have had a chance to hit the roads. JCPS Director of Transportation Randy Frantz said that before the buses go out to pick up kids, his staff checks the routes.

"We have managers and coordinators driving the roads," Frantz said. "Typically, they start around 3 o'clock a.m. for a 4 o'clock a.m."

Frantz said transportation coordinators cover thousands of miles and then report to him. But he said the primary streets are not the focus. Instead, transportation officials delve deeper into the secondary roads and side streets.

"We have 70,000 students that ride our 900 buses everyday,," Frantz said. "We have 24,000 bus stops. Unfortunately, those 24,000 bus stops aren't always on a main road."

And if you venture off those main roads onto the side streets, things can change quickly. Frantz said putting a school bus full of students on a narrow, snow-covered road would only exacerbate the situation.

Tonya Clinkscales, Manager of Operation and Transportation for JCPS who started as a bus driver, said she knows firsthand what can happen on snow- and ice-covered roads.

"It's terrifying." she said. "I remember when my bus would not stop, and I slid on ice, and the back of my bus became my front."

That's why Clinkscales said she still does the overnight road checks.

"There are about 16 of us that literally check the roads from the top of the city to the bottom," she said.

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