CORYDON, Ind. (WDRB) -- Chris Falardo braved the roads of Corydon to get to work Tuesday morning. Harrison County had declared a state of emergency because conditions were so rough.     

"Everyone was pretty much snowed in," Falardo said.

Before beginning his shift as store manager at the Dollar General, he answered the phone. A woman calling the store from more than an hour away in Kentucky was trying to get groceries to her daughter who is confined to her nearby home and was running low on supplies. 

"It was simple stuff," he said. "Water, a pack of coke, I think it was milk, bread."

"I just came through here like any other customer would do."

So Falardo took a case of water off the shelf, loaded it into a cart, grabbed some other groceries, and headed out into the snow.

"I ended up telling her, 'Hey look, I'll save you the gas the time. Let me just gather some supplies for her,'" he said.

With the cart full of groceries, he headed uphill pushing the cart nearly two football fields through the snow and ice.

"It was comical, and it was nice," said Carolyn Fessel, the woman in need of the groceries after having a rod put in her back last month. "It was just a combination of a lot of things. You know, it made me smile, and I really needed that."

"It was really a sweat thing for him to do ... I was very surprised."

Falardo covered the cost of the groceries out of his own pocket, which he said wasn't much more than $15.

"He didn't want anything," Fessel said. "He said, 'You just have a nice day. I'm happy to do this for you.'"

"When I get better. I'll be seeing a lot of him, and I think we can build a pretty good friendship from this."

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