LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- People packed Fern Creek Community Center on Thursday to sound off over plans to build a large subdivision near Broad Run Park.

21st Century Parks Endowment hopes to butt the project up to the Oakland Hills community, a vision that started more than a decade ago.

"The initial Oakland Hills plan was 688 acres. It had about 319 acres of open space, and it was one product type. The new plan has about 97 more acres of open space," said Cliff Ashburner, Counsel to 21st Century Parks Endowment. "It has a variety of lot sizes, so you have larger lots, medium and smaller, and it has multi-family."

But many homeowners at the public meeting said the Parklands community can't handle it.

"Traffic comes very fast down Bardstown Road right around that curve, so it's very treacherous to turn right and near impossible to turn left," said Jane Logsdon, who lives in Oakland Hills.

And that's just one of the many provisions that Ashburner said the developer will take into consideration. He said adding that vision would potentially integrate Oakland into the park itself, much like Cherokee Park in the Highlands.

"I lived in the Highlands," Ashburner said. "I was able to walk, ride my bike or drive a car from my apartment into the park." 

But that's all provided that neighbors say their concerns over traffic and congestion are addressed.

"If we could find another outlet to Bardstown Road, I am not opposed to the homes coming into Oakland Hills Trail," Logsdon said.

Ashburner said  this is far from a done deal. The developer plans to hold several public meetings in the coming months then ultimately take the revisions and designs to state and city planners.

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