LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- A stray dog found sleeping on trash bags in sub-freezing temperatures a few miles from Maker's Mark Distillery last Sunday is ready for a new family.

A couple from the St. Louis-area found the brown dog -- now named Whiskey -- while they were touring the Kentucky Bourbon Trail in their car on Jan. 14. The roads were slick with ice and snow and temperatures were in the teens when the couple says the dog first approached the car as they started their tour. 

They didn't see the brown dog on the road after finishing the tour, but they did spot him sleeping on a pile of trash on Manton Road. 

Noticing the dog had no collar and was very thin, the couple put him in their car and brought him to the Kentucky Humane Society's intake facility on Steedly Drive.

The KHS staff examined Whiskey and found he was extremely underweight. Staff members say his thick fur hid the fact that he was skin and bones.

"We could feel every rib, and his hip bones protruded," said KHS veterinarian Emily Bewley, DVM. "He had been without access to regular food for a while."

They also say Whiskey likes getting into trash cans -- perhaps because that's the only way he knew how to get food.

Now, a week after receiving food and care at the shelter, one-year-old Whiskey is ready for adoption. 

KHS staff say he is a sweet dog who loves to cuddle and go for walks. If you're interested in adopting Whiskey, visit the Kentucky Humane Society's website here: www.kyhumane.org.

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