LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Making it easier for troubled kids to get through the foster care system: that's the goal of a new program unveiled Monday by Gov. Matt Bevin. 

The program at the Home of the Innocents is the first of its kind in the state.

It's called the Children's Assessment and Transitional Care Center -- or CATS for short. Bevin took a tour of the facilities, after announcing the program's launch. 

Troubled children who have been removed from their homes will be brought to the Home of the Innocents first, before being placed in foster care.

The staff there will provide mental and medical health services and then work with the state to place them in the most appropriate foster care setting.

Bevin says this will help transform the system -- and children's lives.

"There is no state in America that has a good, well-functioning, efficient and overly effective foster care and adoption system," Bevin said. "There just isn't.

"And that includes Kentucky. But we can do better. And I'm convinced of it, and we're going to prove that model here. And it's going to be through organizations like this, and through programs like this, and through centers like this."

The CATS facility will house 10 children at a time, and each child will stay about six weeks.

The Governor says he hopes this kind of program will be duplicated around the state.

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